Your Senses: 5 Great Tools to Calm You Down

Image – CC0 License Sometimes when our mental health is not playing ball and anxiety starts to creep in, it could be hard to…

Six Fitness Activities To Boost Your Mental Health In 2023

Our physical and mental health are tied in together. One without the other will likely mean that the other suffers as a result. That’s…

The Friendly Patch Co. My review

Have you ever tried anxiety patches?

Guest Blog Post: 5 Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Anxiety and Stress Relief

I am honored to have guest writer Austin Page write for my blog. Thank you Austin for this article. Are you feeling overwhelmed by…

Cutting off or distancing yourself from toxic people

A hard place for me is when you have to decide to cut off someone or distance yourself from them. Especially when it is…

aetobatus narinari cartilaginous fish swimming underwater of blue sea

Its Okay to Leave

If someone or something is not giving you peace, its okay to leave.


I am honored to be featured on Pastor Natalie’s blog ExamineThisMoment is all about encouragement. She takes moments from real life and discusses the lessons we can learn from them. Please check out, read, and subscribe to

pensive young stylish lady standing near wall and looking down

Erase The Past From Your Mind

Sometimes that statement can be seen as easier said then done. Yes, there are memories to keep. Lessons to remember, so that you don’t…

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