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The importance of KPIs for Bloggers

To become a successful blogger, you need to know how to use KPI. Utilizing KPI tools will help you increase your marketing efforts and sales growth, as well as create quality content, have website visitors return, lower your bounce rate, and much more. You need to know what a KPI is and how to be successful at it. 

KPI stands for key performance indicators. This is a fancy way of saying how to make sure your blog has returning customers and visitors. Your KPI ensures that your social media campaigns are working and how to rate how successful your blog is. 

As a blogger, having returning readers, visitors, and customers is very important. To create loyalty and trust between you and your customers, you must create good content (blog posts, social media posts, comments, and products). Most bloggers make money through ads, selling products, and collaborating with companies. This means that your customers need to feel like they can trust you and the products you are promoting. Don’t just promote any product just because you need the money. Make sure that your visitors will like this content and that it connects to your brand/voice. 

Consistency in your blogging schedule is key. This could be once a month to twice a week. Whatever works for you. By doing this, you will have sales growth (returning visitors and potential ad clicks) that will lead to you having a monthly income from blogging. The end goal is to have loyal visitors and a reduced bounce rate. Activity checks your bounce rate with each week and blog post. See what content has a low bounce rate and which has a high bounce rate. Keep in mind that this could be related to poor content, slow website speed, grammar issues, inconsistent schedules, and more. 

When you start on this blogging journey, you are building a community. You must know your brand and what represents you. If you feel like your blog name, your content, and how you are promoting yourself represent you, your customers will keep returning. Keep thinking you are building a community. 

As you market your blog on social media, you need to make sure you know which social media platforms you are going to use and how to use them. For example, if you are going to use Twitter to market your blog post, you can pay to promote one tweet that has your blog post in it. This must be added to your blogging budget that you have for ads and promotion each month. Yes, with social media, you don’t always need to pay to promote a post, but this may help lead to more exposure for your blog, help you retain more visitors, and lower your bounce rate. 

Knowing how to properly track your KPI’s will help you be a successful blogger. It’s important to properly track your most viewed blog posts, social media accounts, and website. Keep the content consistent and rich with topics and information so that your visitors will keep coming back. Key performance indicators are vital to your success.

How do you measure the success of a blog post?

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