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The Struggles of Looking for A Job

I have been working since I was 19 years old. My first job was as a work-study student while I was in college. I personally loved the job, but the management needed to be better. My second job was interesting, to say the least. I worked in customer service at a local museum. It was due to poor management and poor communication. I had to leave the job due to being in a car accident and being unable to stand for a 5-hour shift. I ended up working at a job called QKids. That was a fun job, and I loved it. Unfortunately, due to my poor mental health and being in physical pain from a car accident, I had to quit the job. It was hard to have no job for a little bit of time. I was still in college at the time, and it was nice getting to just focus on school work and recovering from the car accident, and taking better care of my mental health. Within a month of graduating from college, I had gotten a job as a contract copywriter. Honestly, I was enjoying the job; it was fun and it was in the field that I studied in college. I felt like I was using my degree. I stopped hearing from the job after a few months and wondered what had happened. I quickly found myself without a job. This brought on a lot of distress. I had expected to have the job for at least a year and then start looking for something else. I wondered why the job had suddenly just ghosted me. For the last few months, I have found myself thankful for the generosity of family and friends helping me out. I tried to apply for unemployment, but due to me only working for a few months, I was not eligible.

Some of the things I have done to get a job:

Re-edited my Resume

Contacted my college’s career center to help me look for jobs

Contacted professors for job recommendations

Apply to graduate school (did not get in)

Applied for a few jobs through a job recruiter

And more.

Other Things You Can Try To Get A Job

Sometimes you are going to need to take jobs that are lower down than you would like, just so that you can build yourself up. Working your way to the top is the best way to achieve success, so if you’re looking for higher up positions that you’re just not getting, maybe reevaluate your strategy.

You can also look to turn your hobby into your job if you are struggling to find something. It might be difficult as well, but at least you’re enjoying your time. Doing something that you know lots about is going to be easier than trying to build up knowledge in a specific subject area. For example, you can follow a MIDI guide in the music industry for live performances if this is your hobby and you want to move forward with this, or whatever else you want.

The effects of looking for a job are hard to bear.

Let me tell you, I have had times of hope that I am going to get a job and times of hardship. There are times when I feel like, “Will I ever get a job?” I have found looking for jobs can affect your mental health. This year, I found myself having a lot of anxiety and depression due to being jobless. This has affected my blog, as I had to take a few weeks off from blogging. Sometimes my blog posting has not been consistent. I am so thankful for the continued support and love from the blogging community, my followers, and all the people who view, comment, and share my blog. Thank you so much. Your support this year has meant so much. A huge thank you to my family and friends for supporting and being there for me. I know this time will pass. But it is hard when you are going through it.

Have you ever struggled to look for a job? What advice would you give someone looking for a job?

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  1. Looking for (and securing) a job is lot harder than many realize; it can be a very slow, frustrating and demoralizing process so I sympathize with you 100%! I also feel like the whole application process and interview set-up (if you get that far) has becoming increasingly and needlessly drawn out/complicated (this could just be me thinking this though). I hope you find something you will enjoy soon — sending you energy vibes!

  2. Thanks for being so transparent. I can only imagine the different levels of stress that comes with being jobless. I hope you find a job soon. Dont give up. Use the time you have to channel your energy into working on your blog.

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