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How to MAKE Your Summer Romantic in SELF-LOVE! Blogging Community Collaboration

So honored to have another excellent blogging community Collaboration. Please go check out and read and follow each of the awesome bloggers who I got to collaborate with.

Are you ready to have a SELF-LOVE summer? Nothing is wrong if you want a romantic summer with your lover/partner. But for me, this summer is a summer of self-love. I am ready to be single and take care of myself. This could include working out, taking care of my mental health, making friends, connecting with my family, going on vacations, and making lasting memories. This is my summer of self-love.

My Summer Self Love bucket list:

Going to California for a vacation (comment below where you would love to travel this summer)

Reading books and learning more about self-love (What is your favorite Self-love book?)

Workout – Since starting my workout journey in 2020, I have decided this year 2023 to start running. I have successfully been able to run 3 miles. Honestly, I love running now and I hope to continue it throughout the year (What is your favorite workout?)

For me, self-love is not putting my self-love, and worth in someone else. When I am working out I am working out for myself and I want to take care of myself and improve my health. It’s not about what others think of me and whether I am doing this or me. When I am taking a mental health day to just nap, read, and relax, I am not doing this just to have a lazy day I am doing this to take care of my mind body, and soul. Sometimes we all need a break from reality and just relax. I am thankful that I am in a position where I can.

This summer for me is all about self-love and taking care of myself. What is your self-love moment this summer?

Now please take a moment to check out some other bloggers who share how they are romanticizing during the summer:

What is a quote that inspires you? Why?

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  1. Love this! Taking care of yourself is definitely a priority and I really appreciated the things you will do this summer in romanticizing self-care. Enjoyed reading. So glad to collaborate with each one that participated 🤗🥰📝

    Pastor Natalie (ExamineThisMoment)

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