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#RingsofPower Could Have Been In Theatres

Yes, I watched Rings of Power, but so did 25 million other people. I wasn’t really shocked when I read that over 25 million people had watched it. I mean, first, the Tolkien/Lord of the Rings fandom is huge. A lot of people watched the original movies and then passed the movies on to their kids. Word of mouth also got around and additional controversy was also added to the conversation. I guess a lot of people were curious.

My first concerns about the series were that it was going to be adult content. As we all should know that Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit were written for YOUTH, not adults. I feel like some people don’t realize this. The books were made for youth to read and enjoy. I see nothing wrong with adults also like books and movies it’s just the stories are meant to be enjoyed. I personally believe that Warner Bros took the series and made a kind of advertised them for straight white men when again that was not the target audience.

I remember a few years ago when I was a young teenager (just a reminder I look younger than I am) going to see the hobbit (before reserved seating at theatres) and most of the audience going to see it where straight white men old and young and I laughed because I had to read the book in school and write a few paper essays about it. I kindly asked one of the men if he did mind moving a seat over because the room was full and he was sitting in the middle. He looked at me rudely and said No and then a group of other men in the room started laughing really loud. I found a random seat in the back behind an old couple I remember seeing a beautiful white woman with blond hair come in and he moved for her and then it looked like he boyfriend or husband came and sat next to her. I think that was the first time I realized that the Tolkien fandom might be a little toxic and racist.

Again, Warner bros for some reason just wanted the stories to be action flicks and quick money grabs. I remember watching thoughts movies and thinking about many details were taken out just to add the action and really advertise to straight white men. I am personally happy that Amazon bought the rights and that the Tolkien family gave their blessing and were happy that Amazon was going to make better source material on the books and not just quick money grabs. I personally partially blame Warner Bros for a lot of the racism that the new Rings of Power are getting. I mean look at Narnia they had people of color in the movies and advertised correctly to children. A difference that matters.

Yes, I do believe that some of the content is more adult in the Amazon series but I do believe someone 13 and older can watch the series.

I personally liked that the series had its horror elements because Tolkien wrote these books after the World War. It made sense that diversity was in the story as each race represents different people in the world. Now, we don’t know if Tolkien was racist but either way, we know that the war affect people all over the world and again each race represents different people. I agree with the diverse casting in Narnia could do it years ago so can Lord of the rings. Also, the horror adds to the idea of Middle earth is about to go through it. It’s about to be a war. Which again is what the story is about. I personally liked getting also some backstories on each character.

The settings are beautiful. Wow even if you don’t care about the storyline or anything of what’s happening the sets are beautiful. I mean I watched the two episodes twice that’s how much I loved the beauty of the sets. Amazon’s got the money and they did not disappoint.

Personally, I enjoyed the first two episodes. I already have fan theories of what is going to happen next. What do you think is going to happen?

Did you watch Rings Of Power? Are you an Amazon Prime Member?

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  1. Thank you for sharing your review. I personally really like the new series. I am definitely a fan of Lord of the Rings. I’m looking forward to what will happen next. 🤗

    Pastor Natalie (ExamineThisMoment)

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