Netflix’s original series, ‘Surviving Summer’

Netflix’s original series, ‘Surviving Summer,’ has recently been released, and I had the opportunity to watch both seasons. In this blog post, I will provide a review of both Season One and Season Two.

To begin with, when I watched Season One, I genuinely enjoyed it. The series follows the main character, Summer, a high school student from the USA, who is sent to Australia for the summer as a form of punishment after being expelled from two prestigious schools in America. Her mother’s friend hosts her in Australia with the goal of helping her connect with people, learn to surf, and gain new experiences away from her New York environment. During her time in Australia, Summer befriends the son of her mother’s friend, who introduces her to his friends at a summer surfing club. We witness Summer’s journey as she learns to surf, becomes proficient in the sport, and forms meaningful friendships. She becomes so passionate about surfing that she is reluctant to leave when it’s time to return to America for school.

Moving on to Season Two, Summer returns to Australia after a year, now 17 years old, with the desire to compete in surfing once again and reconnect with her friends. However, she finds that everything has changed over the past year, with new relationships forming and old ones ending. Summer becomes entangled in drama when a new girl begins dating one of her close friends, Ari, whom she has feelings for. The new girl, along with her sister, who is the new coach of the surfing club, proves to be less than pleasant. Summer’s character undergoes significant development in this season as she strives to do what is right, calling out wrongdoings and supporting her friends. She faces challenges, unwarranted blame, and maintains her integrity, even while pursuing a romantic interest in Ari.

Now, let’s discuss what I liked and disliked about the two seasons. Season One had a well-structured plot that allowed viewers to get to know the characters and offered valuable life lessons. I felt a genuine connection with the cast and enjoyed the overall experience. On the other hand, Season Two felt somewhat disjointed in terms of pacing. It seemed that you could watch the first two episodes, skip several, and still grasp the storyline. Some episodes felt like they wasted time on unnecessary elements. Despite these drawbacks, if a Season Three were to be produced, I would be inclined to give it a chance. However, I must admit that Season Two lost some of the charm that had initially drawn me to the characters. It felt rushed and lacked the coherence of Season One. The final two episodes did manage to recapture some of the essence of Season One.

In conclusion, my review of Netflix’s ‘Surviving Summer’ is mixed. While Season One offers a compelling narrative with relatable characters and valuable life lessons, Season Two struggles with pacing and coherence. If you’re in search of a pleasant summer series, I recommend checking out Season One. As for the potential of Season Three, I would be open to seeing how the story progresses. This concludes my quick review of Netflix’s original series, ‘Surviving Summer.’

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