Shadow and Bone season 2 is such a waste and disappointment

Disappointed with this season of Shadow and Bone. Barely followed the book. It felt like Netflix just did what it wanted to do and honestly didn’t really are about the book fans. It was definitely marketed for stay-at-home moms or something and just added in things that made no sense. Netflix need to chill with the supernatural stuff. There is the good sourced matter here and instead, Netflix just took the Grisha powers and made it all dark and then made them wizards for some reason, and then just overloaded the romance similar to the shows Wednesday, Stranger Things, and Umbrella Academy. It’s all the same copy and paste. I’m more interested in the crow’s story in the show. I liked the Shadow and Bone books. I am not liking this show. Disappointed because they could have done a much better job. This show is probably for the people who never read the book, liked maybe the actors, or just like the same Netflix formula. Hopefully, if this gets another season Netflix can improve but I highly doubt it.

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What did you think of Shadow and Bone season 2?

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