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This past week, my Amazon Prime recommended the show Howards End. Seeing that actress Hayley Atwell was starring in the show, I was interested in watching. It took me about three nights to get through the whole show. There is a total of four episodes. Now, this is a sad period drama. I would state that the advertisements for this show were not correct. I was unhappy with 80% of the characters’ choices and was upset at the ending. But why did I like it? Because it was realistic. I felt like some period dramas make life revolve around love and that’s all women think about (so not true and/or realistic). The whole story centers around the theme of kindness. What is kindness? To me, the two main women (story leads) think that they are nice people when in reality all they are doing is hurting everyone around them.

There comes a time when one of the characters is going to get married and the sisters make it clear she will not be a part of it showing the main character that they were once a strong family and because of this one person it caused them to break up the whole family. Leaving everyone lonely and sad. The younger sister believes that she is helping this one guy who she has a crush on (this man is also married and she doesn’t seem to care about this bit) only makes this guy’s life worse and worse. She ends up having an affair with him, with the man’s wife in the room next door. I liked how the story explains people who think they are nice and showing kindness when in reality they are not nice people and only hurting everyone around them.

I have dealt with people like this so many times in life. I remember when I was starting a job and everyone talked about how nice this person was, within a year of working at the place I realized very quickly this person is not a nice person but just a people pleaser and does anything to make themselves look good. People pleasers believe that they are kind and doing the right thing when in reality all they are doing is just hurting themselves. I have learned you can be kind but have a firm grip on life. This story to me was realistic and gave such a good lesson. Yes, was it hard to watch, and I was upset at certain points of the story, but overall I would watch it again. I liked the theme and the very clear message it was portraying. To me, it is a must-watch.

Have you dealt with people pleasers?

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  1. Great review. Enjoyed reading your thoughts. I definitely enjoyed watching too. It left me pretty upset at times as well. 😊People pleasing can be dangerous for sure. In reality we really can’t and won’t please everyone for sure. Having genuine kindness definitely requires boundaries for our own good. Thank you for sharing.

    Pastor Natalie (ExamineThisMoment)

  2. I’ve seen the older film (I think it’s from the 90s) but would definitely watch this as I like Hayley Atwell so would be curious to see her in this role. I think the story itself is one that makes us examine our own lives and experiences (like you shared here) — thanks for the review!

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