Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire Review

I have various thoughts on “Rebel Moon.” Contrary to the overwhelmingly negative reviews, I didn’t find it as bad as some claimed. I went in expecting a disaster like “Silent Night,” which I strongly advise against watching. “Rebel Moon” isn’t great, needing improvements in certain areas, and I’m curious about the differences between Snyder’s vision and Netflix’s final version.

While the script lacked depth and context, I could follow the storyline and saw the Star Wars connection. It’s not as terrible as some reviews suggested; I found it watchable. I look forward to part two and the extended version to get a clearer picture of Snyder’s original vision.

However, I wouldn’t recommend it for kids due to violent scenes. Despite its flaws, the characters and story were present, making it more enjoyable than anticipated. It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s far from a disaster. I’m optimistic about the next installment and eager to see the extended cut.

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