Midnight at the Pera Palace

At least once a week, when I open my Netflix app, I see a new movie or TV show featured. This past week I saw the suggestion for the mystery drama, Midnight at Pera Palace. I do enjoy period drama, and seeing that this new show was set in the year 1900, I was interested.

Summary of the story:

Esra, a young journalist who is eager to write a big news story is tasked with writing 130 reasons to visit the Pera Palace due to the 130 year anniversary of the hotel. While taking a tour of the hotel she learns that Agatha Christie wrote her famous novel Murder on the Orient Express in the hotel. With the tour taking most of the day the manager of the hotel, Ahmet lets her stay for free for the night. Now, this is where we see Esra time travel back in time.

What I liked:

It’s a story that keeps you on your toes the whole time watching. It has drama, comedy, and is a thriller. I liked Esra. I felt like all of the actors did a great time and I liked the set. Personally, I would rewatch the series and I hope there will be a second season. Very well done.

What I did not like:

Ahmet’s story needs to be finished, we learn that most of what happens in the show is about him and could affect him. Personally, I hope if there is a second season we get more answers on who he is. Also, need more information about the time travel and the keys.

Overall, its a great story and it was well made. I would recommend this show.


What is your favorite mystery drama?

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  1. That sounds like a great storyline, would definitely check it out. I’m currently watching similar story line about time travel on Netflix called Manifest. Great watch as well. Thanks for sharing

  2. I always like a good mystery, thriller. I hadn’t seen this one yet. If it pops up on my Netflix I’ll have to save it. However, I typically don’t like to get into series until they have a few seasons under their belt because I don’t like to be left hanging and have to wait a year until a new season drops.

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