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As someone who grew up with the old Zorro from years ago, I had not seen Zorro and didn’t really remember the story too much. So, when I saw this one, it was like, ‘I gotta check this out.’ This show is basically, you know, it came out this year; it’s a newer one. We basically see that it’s centered around Los Angeles and it revolves specifically around the indigenous community in Los Angeles. So, there are basically indigenous people trying to help the community in Los Angeles and trying to, basically, you know, deal with the corrupt governor, police, and sheriff. During this time, unfortunately, the main character’s father passes away. During this time, we see that another businessman who Zorro was protecting, who seems to be on Macy’s side, basically, both of them pass away. But his son ends up hearing about his father and comes to Los Angeles to deal with his father’s business. He’s supposed to be just going back to Spain, but in that time, he has dubbed the new Zorro by the end of this community. And you get to see how he learns more about his dad’s business, how it’s connected to Zorro, how corrupt Los Angeles is, how corrupt the governor is, and the struggles the indigenous community is going through. But not just the indigenous, they also have a community from China, so Chinese people are also in it, and we get to see, again, how the poor are treated. It’s very interesting seeing how he really is a keeper and trying to help the people. I like the side characters, the storyline, the romance between the new Zorro and his ex-fiancée who is married. So we get to see some interesting plot holes, but they left a cliffhanger, so I look forward to season two, and hopefully, it will be coming out soon. But definitely, I actually do recommend this series, and I thought it was pretty good.

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