Bob Marley : One Love

I was genuinely excited to watch this movie, especially after seeing the trailer and learning about it. Over the years, we’ve seen numerous films based on singers and their careers, often portraying hardships. While I’ve enjoyed most of them, a few fell short for me. So, when I heard about the Bob Marley movie, I felt it was the perfect time for such a production.

Research revealed that Bob Marley’s son was actively involved as a producer, ensuring accuracy in portraying his father. The fact that the family gave their blessing added to the appeal. It was interesting to note that although the cast included a non-Jamaican actor, their portrayal of the culture and the essence of Marley was commendable.

The film, given its limited time, had to skip through significant portions of history. While it felt like a part one and part two could have delved deeper, the use of montages and on-screen text provided a glimpse into the skipped details. The movie’s strength lay in its depiction of the country, filmed on location, respecting the culture, people, and history.

The narrative explored Bob Marley’s journey, from recording ‘Exodus’ in London to showcasing the pivotal role played by his wife, Rita, throughout. The portrayal of their love for family and the impact on their lives was a poignant aspect. The film appropriately celebrated Marley’s legacy, focusing on the positivity of his music and message rather than dwelling on the somber aspects of his health decline.

In conclusion, the movie was well-made, evident in the love and effort poured into its creation. A deserving contender for awards, it effectively captured the essence of Bob Marley’s life and musical influence.

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