Challengers Review

So, this movie was interesting, to say the least. Zendaya is a great actress; she’s very beautiful. Her fashion is wonderful in the movie; I was completely captivated by her aesthetic. I can definitely see why she’s such a fashion icon. If you want to watch a movie just for her fashion, hair, and makeup, you should, because she is such an icon. It’s so cool the way she dresses and makes athletic gear look authentic and fashionable. Honestly, though, the plot is so basic. It’s basically just going around in circles between the two guys and her, with everyone loving each other and romance, and it just keeps going in circles. I was like, why is there not more to the plot? It was supposed to be a center, but they should’ve had, like, I don’t know, trying to get to a certain competition or something else just to add to the plot. It felt like it was just so… I don’t know, just not there for me. Honestly, I am not surprised that the plot wasn’t much more. But again, the aesthetic was good and great. I guess this movie just wasn’t for me.

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