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Why I love Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

When I first heard the news that Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order was coming to Nintendo Switch, I was excited. Personally I remember the original Marvel Ultimate Alliance and it was one of my personal favorite games. Even though now I am an adult, I still love the game.

About two years ago I was able to play one part of the game ahead of time before the release day due to be attending San Diego International Comic Con. Getting early access just brought out more the excitement for the game. Personally, I love getting to play video games that have strong storylines. First I must say I am a fan of the marvel movies. Since I was young my father would watch comic book animated shows which caused me to know many of the characters and storylines that now are being show in the live action movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I love getting to see my childhood favorite characters come to life. Now, getting to play my favorite characters in video games something I enjoy doing.

Also, I love Nintendo consoles. In my spare time I try to play Animal Crossing and Mario party.

Now, back to Ultimate Alliance. This game so far is one of my favorite Nintendo Switch games. First the storyline is strong. It really brings the characters to life and shows the powers and strengths of each hero. Second, its multiply player game. Yes, you can play it by yourself but its way more enjoyable to play with others. Especially when you get to the Doctor Strange level. That level in its self took about two weeks of me and three other people to try to defeat. It was not easy. That brings me to my last reason of why I love this game, its not easy to beat. I love games that are challenging. I don’t want to purchase a game and its easy to beat. It just makes playing the game way more fun. Marvel did a great job at creating this game. I would totally recommend this game.

What is your favorite Marvel Superhero and Why?

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  1. I love Marvel movies, looking forward to new releases. My favorite character is Iron Man because of a combination of different personality traits that mak this superhero charismatic.

  2. I had no idea this game even existed or was out on the Switch. I think I played the first ever version of this game back in the day, so I hope this is better and I can find a demo to play first

  3. I can’t decide!! I love Wanda. Also like black widow a lot. I like Shuri from black panther a lot. Too big a marvel fans to decide! Your game sounds pretty fun! I would love to play my favourite character for sure!

  4. This sounds like a really interesting game. I currently do not have a Nintendo switch and was on the fence about whether or not I need/want one. I think this post has peaked my interest once again and I may just go ahead and get one. I am a fan of many of the Marvel comics so I could probably get into this.

    Shyla –

  5. Is it possible to not have a fave marvel superhero because I like them all! Lol. They’re all so unique…and I like how marvel always makes its characters have their own humour!

  6. Oh my goodness, I don’t really know! If I had to only choose one from the Marvel Universe, I think that I would pick either Thor, Spiderman, Roque, or Night Crawler.

  7. Wow this game seems interesting. I love playing games too. Back then, I had a Gameboy and I was always playing Harvest Moon overnight to the point that my dad would confiscate it. I’m also playing Mobile Legends now in my phone :)) As to my fave Marvel hero, it is Dr. Strange. I really love his powers <3

    beyond beneath

  8. Interesting story about this game. I also played this Marvel game and love it! Although for some reason I got tired but I would like to try this game again!

  9. I love this game too! So much fun and just overall great multiplayer experience. It’s so much fun to get your family and/or friends to jump into this game where everyone can pick their favorite marvel character to play as and work together to win. My favorite Marvel character is Spider-Man but in this game I love playing as the Incredible Hulk. Great blog post 🙂

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