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When I was younger, I remember playing desktop games all of the time. This is before I had a cellphone, Nintendo Switch, and even my own TV. Some of my beloved favorites are Minesweeper, Pinball, etc. I have the very fond memory of playing these games for hours. Recently, the website captured my attention. Mostly because it had brand new online desktop games that are free to play. Checking out the website, I played a few different games.

Here are list of my favorite games that you should totally try out:

Tom and Jerry Parade Pranks: Chinese New Year

Tom is trying to stop Jerry from celebrating the Chinese New Year. You are Jerry in the game. You are guiding Jerry through the streets and trying to catch cheese (one of Jerry’s favorite foods) while Tom is trying to trick you and stop you. This game is pretty easy from the start but as you play more levels the game gets harder. I personally like the game. First, because it has Tom and Jerry in the game, and second, the game is taking place in a maze timed setting. I love playing a game that challenges you and is not easy. Click here to play Tom and Jerry’s Parade Pranks.

Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Flying Game

This game is a little more difficult. I thought it was going to be easy but it wasn’t. First, I must say that I am a Star Wars fan, so when I saw this game my eyes instantly went to it. Naturally, I clicked the game and started playing it. You are a pilot in this game and you are trying to run away from the Empire. You get to move your x-wing with your mouse and click to shoot. It’s a pretty cool game. Click to play now.

LEGO City Adventures Build and Protect City Simulation Game

If you love the Sims game, you will enjoy getting to create a Lego City in this virtual online free game. I have a fond memory of playing Lego’s and building small Lego cities when I was young. This whole game is like a virtual town and you are building it. Personally, I like the game. It was fun and the I enjoyed the Lego theme. To play game, click here.

Playing online games is a creative way to take a five minute break and enjoy a little fun. I know for myself, I will definitely be playing more online games that are free and fun. It brings back old memories for me and if I need break from blogging, I can click and play a fun quick game. If you are looking for a list of retro games that you may want to try then you should definitely check out for a full list of some of the best games to try.

What is one of your favorite online Free games?

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  1. I used to love desktop games growing up. I still enjoy a good game of solitaire now and again. Thank you for sharing this, my kids would really like some of these games.

  2. I used to love desktop games!! There is one mouse game that I can’t remember the name of but was so fun. It literally took all of my time as a kid hahaha. All yours brings up so many memories though. Thanks for sharing

  3. This is timely since for days now I’ve been trying to find a new game to play. I love The Sims, so I’m going to try the Lego game. I’ll try the Tom and Jerry one too since it looks fun. Thank you for your this.

  4. This definitely takes me back. I used to spend so much time playing simulation games. I loved the building aspect and seeing things grow and progress!

  5. Yeah playing online games were definitely a staple from my childhood in the 90s. I mean what else was there to do on those old 98 computers with the slow dial-up internet lol? besides paint..
    I used to love playing pinball, drawing on paint, and playing card games.. so much fun!

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