What If Season 2

Season Two of the show certainly surprised me. However, I must express my concern about Marvel’s overall trajectory post-Endgame. The abundance of content seems to compromise quality, a shift that has been evident. While I still appreciate Marvel films, many have not lived up to their previous standards. Approaching Season Two, I found the initial episodes enjoyable, yet the middle ones felt somewhat like fanfiction, leaving me bored and unimpressed. The standout moments were undoubtedly the well-executed Peggy Carter episodes, particularly the last two. The Robinhood episode, in particular, was compelling enough for me to consider a rewatch. Despite these highlights, the overall season was a disappointment compared to the strength of Season One. I eagerly anticipate Season Three, hoping for an improvement. The excellence of the Peggy Carter character was pivotal in salvaging the season for me; without it, my assessment might have been more critical. This is simply my perspective.

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