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Echo was a surprise for me. I want to make it clear that I’m not fully aware of the character from the comics; my introduction was in the Hawkeye show. With limited knowledge about Echo, I approached the show with an open mind.

In Hawkeye, Echo, aka Maya Lopez, is introduced as a villain seeking revenge for her father’s death, revealed to be orchestrated by Kingpin. In the Echo show, we learn that Kingpin is not dead, setting the stage for their confrontation. Throughout the show, American Sign Language is prominently featured, providing great representation. Despite not being deaf myself, I appreciated the inclusion and the strength of the character, as depicted in the well-executed fight scenes.

The show delves into Echo’s backstory, portraying her father and uncle as flawed individuals. After her mother’s death, Maya goes to New York with her father, encountering Hawkeye. Returning to her town, Echo feels abandoned by her family and struggles with a sense of loneliness, attempting to represent her community while staying true to herself. The show successfully explores Maya’s challenges and adds diversity to the narrative.

However, there were aspects I didn’t like. The powers were not fully explained, leading to confusion, especially in scenes like the train sequence. Despite some holes in the plot, I hope a potential second season addresses these issues and provides more clarity about her abilities.

Echo is an MA show with intense violence, which received mixed reviews. Personally, I found it watchable with areas for improvement. Overall, it was a good introduction to the character, and I look forward to potential future developments.

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