Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

So, this movie definitely blew away my expectations. I’ve been a fan of the series since the first one came out. I think I was in high school or maybe even middle school when the first one, with James Franco starring, was released. So, I’ve followed the series for a while now, and I’ve gone to see most of them in theaters. I think I didn’t see part two, I’m trying to remember, but I’ve seen all of the movies and I really enjoyed them. I have to say, honestly, they just keep getting better and better. I love how they add onto the storyline, keep the theme the same, and really make sure that message hones in. So, if you haven’t seen the other movies, okay, here’s some spoilers. Basically, I love how the movie first shows you the death of Caesar and how the apes around him are trying to honor him, and they create that symbol of unity between the apes. Then, it jumps to many generations later. We hear about this tribe of apes that are basically keeping falcons like birds and stuff, and they kind of keep to themselves peacefully. We get the main character, Noah, and basically, Noah is trying to get an egg to Reyes, now his new bird, and basically, like, go up to the next level in the tribe. During this time, a cage somehow breaks, and he goes away to try to find another egg. During this time, he sees that his tribe is being attacked by man-trapped apes, and he doesn’t know what’s happening. He somehow gets away but unfortunately witnesses his dad’s passing away and his whole family and tribe getting kidnapped. So, he goes on the journey to try and get his tribe back, and he gets through this journey, basically learning more about himself, learning about the outside world, realizing how much he loves his tribe, and how much he really just wants to go home and get his family back together. Now, there are so many more lessons in here, but the main question is, can humans and apes live together in peace? And they kind of bounce on that question throughout the whole film, all the way up until the end. And I think I like that they kinda give that answer away. I don’t want to give it away too much, but honestly, overall, I really like the movie. I definitely recommend it. And if you haven’t seen the series, you might be confused. I think you can kind of jump in, but I would recommend definitely watching the other movies and then catching up. But it definitely was a good movie.

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