Spider from Avatar 2 The Way of Water was not a horrible Character

If you have not seen Avatar: The Way of Water yet, this blog post will contain spoilers.

Recently, I watched the new highly anticipated sequel Avatar The Way of Water. In all honesty, I was not remotely excited about this film. The trailer did not catch my attention. Every time I would watch a promo, or ad, or see information about Avatar the Way of Water it personally felt like an old people film. It did not feel like something I would be interested in seeing. My family wanted to see if around the holiday weekend and I decided to go along. I enjoy spending the holidays with my family. When I went to the theatre, I watched the movie in Dolby 3D at AMC theatres. Because the movie is so long personally I liked having the reclining seats. Now, I have to say the movie is really beautiful. The visuals are incredible. I liked how the water looked and the trees. Personally, it really was something to look at. Now, for the story, the story is nothing special. I don’t feel like I walked out of the theatre feeling like wow this story is so good and I need to see this movie again. I personally liked the first movie way more. I felt like the stacks were way higher. The main plot of the first Avatar movie was about trying to save the home of the Navi. In the second movie, all we were watching was Jake trying to save his family and you personally felt bad for all the people that got hurt in the way. Also, felt like the movie was way too long, there were so many scenes that just could have been cut out. Jake was personally a bad parent and it just wasn’t the Jake that I liked watching in the first movie. I felt like a lot of the growth that he had in the first movie just went out the door. I hope the third movie will have a better plot.

My Thoughts on Spider:

I was shocked when I went online and saw a lot of people disliking Spider. I saw a few comments from people saying his character was pointless and just not necessary. I felt like his character was totally necessary. First and foremost we the viewers need a human approach to the story. I feel like it adds to the story instead of the movie just being about a bunch of blue people. Spider’s character was complex, he was abandoned as a baby. He felt lonely and misplaced most of his life. He wants so badly to be Jake Sullys son but was never really accepted for who he is. His character gets kidnapped early on in the film and the Sully never goes back to find him. They just move on and just take care of themselves. While Spider while being tortured protects them. I also liked the idea that he might turn evil. I kind of like the idea of a character loving something or someone so much that they end up hating them. Its a different character arc that I don’t feel like I have seen in a little bit. I personally did not feel like his character was so horrible.

What did you think about Spider?

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  1. I haven’t watched Avatar 2 yet, so I had to carefully skim through your post to not to encounter any spoiler alerts. Thanks for sharing your review. Always a pleasure to read.

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