Don’t Worry Darling and Alice In Wonderland

The press for this movie was terrible but entertaining. From the drama on set, to the horrible press tour. I honestly thought to myself, “Man, this movie must be that bad for all of these PR stunts to try and make the movie good.” At first, it reminded me of the movie House of Gucci. That movie had a lot of hype, only for it to not live up to expectations. I remember sitting in the theatre and thinking, “That’s it?” Now back to Don’t Worry Darling. I had heard about the movie because I had seen it trend on Twitter a few times. In all honesty, the trailer did not capture my attention. It looked like just a plain romantic movie. As more trailers came out, I started to realize that the movie was a thriller. I was still not really interested. What captured my attention was this movie’s horrible premiere and press tour. Famous actor, Chris Pine, looked so tired and just didn’t want to be there. Florence Pugh is an outstanding actress, but she only showed up to the premiere and nothing else. To all the behind-the-scenes rumors of disagreements between the director, Olivia Wilde, and Florence. To the firing of another actor.

The drama of this movie keeps going. I just thought to myself, this movie must really be that bad for all of this PR, or just so happen that this many popular people together just caused a lot of drama.

So, I decided to watch the movie. I was thinking it could not be that bad.

The critics were right this movie is that bad.

There are so many plot holes. The story doesn’t feel complete. There were so many characters that just disappeared. The ending was not really that shocking, I kind of guessed it by watching the trailer. I wanted more time focused on certain elements of the movie. I personally don’t feel like the movie is complete. It just feels like it ended. The actors looked like they were just there. Personally, Chris Pine and Florence Pugh gave the best performances. The script was kind of cheese and needed more flavor. I personally, would not recommend this movie. It just feels like a movie that just happened.

What did you think of the movie? Are you a fan of thriller movies?

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  1. I’ve heard so much on social media about the drama around this movie and it was quite incredible to read it. I will admit that I don’t really think it’s for me but I am still curious in a way. Your review is really interesting as I had a feeling it was going to be pretty bad. Thanks for sharing!

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