Monkey Man

Okay, so this movie, honestly, from the first time I got to fully see the trailer, I was like, ‘Yes, I want to see this, it looks really good,’ and this movie lived up to my expectations. So, the whole story is basically about this main guy who lived in this smaller village, where he spent most of his childhood and his life with his mom, in a very peaceful community. His mom is telling him a very important story that stays with him. During this time, we see there is political unrest, and basically, the government had tried to seize the land from these people unethically, and basically, the people fought back. During this time, it was a random peaceful night. Unfortunately, the police came and basically did a lot of bad things, to put it that way. At the time, his mom unfortunately had passed away, and you see how it affected him. He got the name of the main general and the main people who were basically involved, because he was a kid, he was running away, and he got to see it from a distance. You see how all these years passed faster than him and made him angry and really upset. He took years training, doing underground boxing, and working odd jobs just to try and get money and connections. You see how he eventually gets some connection to the people, gets a job being just a simple dishwasher cleaner, working for the main corrupt people, and you see how he wants to slowly take them out, slowly one by one, but he still has a lot of lessons to learn, you know, about self-growth, self-love, and why he’s doing what he’s doing. And you have to see that journey throughout this movie. Now, I didn’t get into too much detail, but that’s the main plot. But overall, I thought it was really good. The lesson was very strong. They talked about respecting women, respecting all women, showing the negativity of people disrespecting women and the right way to respect them. There were a lot of good lessons in here, and overall, a really good movie. So I definitely recommend this one. It has a lot of action. The action is definitely what makes the film. I would rate it because it has a lot of action. I had to look away in some of the theatrics; I was like, ‘That’s really intense,’ but definitely worth a watch and definitely an adult film, so just wanna say that.

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