Mean Girls Musical Review

I must admit, ‘Mean Girls’ was a pleasant surprise. Yes, I was a fan of the original that came out. I’ve been a devoted Lindsay Lohan fan since her ‘Parent Trap’ days, and I genuinely enjoyed her movies. ‘Mean Girls’ had a valuable lesson about not being a mean girl, and I appreciated that.

When I heard about the musical, I was a bit skeptical, hoping the core message of treating each other right would remain intact. I wasn’t sure if that essence would be captured in the musical. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The message was clearly conveyed, emphasizing the importance of kindness. Even at the end, the reminder not to call someone stupid resonated.

I liked how the musical addressed the idea of being kind to each other. Despite not expecting much from the music, I found it enjoyable. Growing up during the ‘High School Musical’ era, musical elements don’t bother me. I appreciated the musicals like ‘Wonka’ and ‘The Color Purple,’ so the musical aspect was not a concern.

Despite hearing some negativity around the film, I personally enjoyed it. The lesson was crystal clear—be kind, forgive, let go, and cherish friendships. The chosen actors were incredibly talented, with outstanding singing and dancing. The sets were also impressive. While opinions may differ, ‘Mean Girls’ the musical was a movie I genuinely liked.

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