MegaCon Orlando, Florida 2024

Grateful to be part of MegaCon Orlando 2024! I’m honored to have been approved as a trivia panel host, and our two shows was a success.

Thanks to everyone who came out; your support is truly appreciated. The passes I received as a host provided early and late access, along with priority entrance—making my convention experience wonderful. A massive thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years; your encouragement means a lot.

Great getting to see panels with some amazing actors like C-3PO from Star Wars and Shameik, who portrays Miles Morales across the Spider-Verse, along with talented voice actors, has been a highlight. Hearing their stories and insights into Hollywood’s behind-the-scenes work has been fascinating.

I had an exceptional time at MegaCon Orlando 2024, and I’m eager to share more about my experience. This year, I participated in two trivia shows, the first on Thursday at 8 PM and the second on Saturday, the main day, at 12:45. Both shows were a resounding success, with enthusiastic participation and excitement from the audience.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the event, there were some concerns about the organization. On the Friday before the main event, there was confusion about lining up, and despite having early access, we had to wait over two hours. This impacted the time available for attending other panels and events at the convention.

Despite encountering challenges with scheduling, Mega Con was notably better organized compared to the previous year. The convention was situated in a larger area of the convention center, allowing for smoother navigation between panels without having to navigate through an overcrowded show floor.

I appreciated the diverse range of guests and panels, although the sheer volume made it challenging to attend all the sessions I had initially planned. However, the improved organization and venue layout contributed to a more enjoyable experience overall.

I particularly enjoyed the presence of local exhibitors and the opportunity to reconnect with familiar faces. Mega Con 2024 marked a fantastic start to my convention year, and I’m looking forward to attending more events in the future.

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