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How to Restore your Reputation

What happens when you did something wrong, said something wrong, posted online something that you regret and might have or did damage your reputation. Unfortunately, a lot of people have, including me. I have had many moments where installing I have regret or later on I regret what I did. Instantly go into damage control.

Analyze What Happened

First, think about what happened. You might have to write down what happened or ask some other people who witnessed what happened their point of view. This will help you to have a clear view of what happened. In addition realize what you could have done differently. See how next time you can improve yourself. Change what you need to change about yourself.

Stay True To Yourself

Don’t start acting awkward or feeling uncomfortable admit what you did wrong. Apologize and keep going on. Change what you need to change about yourself but don’t just ghost and become insecure. If you did nothing wrong and you were blamed for something you did not do keep being yourself and the truth will come out.

Forgive Yourself

Learn to forgive what happened. For you to not let something bother you and be able to fully learn from what happened, you must forgive yourself and forgive who else you need to forgive. Forgiveness will help you heal and see what happened and move on.

What advice would you give someone who ruined their reputation?

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  1. Learning from our mistakes is an ongoing process. I love the points you included to move past the mistakes made. Forgiveness is so important to us and others. Thank you for sharing this encouraging post.

    Pastor Natalie (ExamineThisMoment)

  2. This is a really good message to share because it reminds us that we all make mistakes sometimes. And despite those mistakes, all of us are worthy of forgiveness. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That is one thingI have learned is to stay true to myself maybe one of the reasons on why my social hasn’t been doing better — but I refuse to be someone I’m not, at first I tried to be like these big social media figures soon realized that is not for me. And ever since I stay who I am in whatever situation.

    Thank you for sharing! 💛

  4. We all have times where we make mistakes or create/feed and issue; it’s so good to be aware of what we did and how we can make it better. Changed behaviour is always a good thing to aim for if we have erred. Great post!

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