Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

Okay, so this movie was interesting. At least I did like it because I actually just like those kinds of movies for pure entertainment. You have a good time, you know what you’re watching, so I guess you can say I enjoyed it. It’s a sequel, a continuation of the last movie, “King Kong versus Godzilla,” that came out a couple of years ago. It was interesting what happened. I feel like there was more King Kong in it than Godzilla, personally. At the end, you kind of get the big boss fight, but King Kong really goes through it. He gets really hurt a lot of the movie, and it was actually kind of hard to watch because of how much he goes through. We get to see more of the planet and the Earth that King Kong and Godzilla originally come from. We did get to see some other monsters, which was pretty cool. We got to see more backstory of the characters and stuff about the people who, you know, the tribe of people who have been around these monsters that know them the best, kind of thing. I found that they chose to go into that history, but it’s just, if you want to watch, yeah, I guess you could say that’s just it. Yeah, not much more I could say about that.

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