Stop with the Sex life obsession

I went to the Dr. recently and was asked 3 times about my sex life. I felt so uncomfortable. It was the same question being asked. I was like did you hear me the first time or is something wrong with you? People need to stop caring so much. I felt like this person was just curious and it was not for medical reasons. I didn’t even go to the doctor for everything as regards to intimacy. I should not feel ashamed about that part of my life and feel like I am being judged just to get a regular doctors appointment. Their already is much pressure from society and culture about sex and if your with multiple partners or a virgin. People shouldn’t feel so much pressure around it. If that matters to you go ahead but don’t try to control or pressure others to do what you’re doing. Intimacy is supposed to be something good. Society needs to stop shaming people or pressuring people to do what they want. Don’t take the good out of something. Stop trying to tell people what to do.

Whatever life takes you, enjoy your life. Think positive, and be positive.

–Always look to the rising sky

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