Wednesday…The New Addams Family Show on Netflix

I personally have not been a big Addams Family fan, but I kept seeing ads for this show and wanted to check it out. Now, I knew the show was centered around Wednesday Addams, but I wish her family was more prominent in the show. I also wish the shows were funnier. I know that Tim Burton was the director, but I felt like the show could have had more comedy. Also, some side characters needed more scene time. If they do a second season, I hope that they make the show funnier. I loved Wednesday’s style. She looked amazing. Her fashion was on point. I personally liked how Wednesday throughout the show, Wednesday was solving a murder mystery. Yes, another murder mystery from Netflix. I have honestly been enjoying watching mystery shows and movies. I also liked how the show stayed appropriate for teens to watch. I was hoping that they would not make it adult-only content because the Addams family is usually a family-friendly show. Honestly, I think the shows are good but need a little bit more of the Addams family in them.

What did I like about the show?

I liked how the show showed how Wednesday doesn’t care what people think. I also like the positive media depiction of introverts. As an introvert myself I liked how they showed Wednesday liked being alone but was still able to make friends. She did not always need to socialize and she was fine. I also liked how she was consistent in who she is. If she was at school, in the town, volunteering, or just hanging out she was always Wednesday her mood and personality did not change because of the people she was around and the setting. I honestly really liked the way the show portrayed that.

What I did not like:

Way too much supernatural. I get those supernatural elements like the show Stranger things is popular but it took away from the fun the Addams family really is. If the show would have stayed true to her trying to solve the mystery and way fewer supernaturalelements the show would have been so much better. We don’t need another teen show like Stranger things, Riverdale, and Sabrina. Its been done before. Let’s keep Wednesday to being Wednesday.

Are you an Addams Family fan?

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  1. Excellent review of the Netflix show. I have seen the great reviews and attention that Wednesday has been receiving. I plan on binge wathching when I get time. Your review has now inspired me even more to Netflix and chill. Thank you for your review

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