She-Hulk Is A Mess and I am not enjoying watching it!

I was expecting so much from this show and was so disappointed. It’s boring, the jokes are not funny, and it feels like someone is just whining and complaining. Yes, we are all entitled to our opinions. I get that they wanted to show a strong woman, but I think they did not do it well. The main character only cares about herself and makes everything about her. She is constantly complaining and making really bad choices that make things in her life harder. I think she compared her life to Bruce the Hulk, which was kind of unnecessary. They both have different character arcs. I think the show’s lack of some kind of mystery or major conflict is making the show boring. Every episode feels like a waste of time, with little character development and bad CGI. The showrunners need to actually understand who Hulk is and who She-Hulk is. The Caption America joke was really wrong. I have heard in my life people constantly talk about young girls’ virginity and make jokes about it, and to see women making jokes about a man’s virginity is not funny at all. I think we, as a society, need to ease up on talking about virginity. I think the whole extreme feminism in the show is affecting the plot and why we love the character She-Hulk for the agenda. I think there is nothing wrong with changing a character, but totally taking everything away from the character and why we love them is just not great. She-Hulk is not for me, and again, this is just an honest review.

What are your thoughts on She-Hulk?

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  1. You got me curious to go and have a look to see how bad it is now, haha. A lot of shows have been spoiled thanks to the disrupting feminist ideas of this modern age… instead of empowering they just trash everything. I will have a look. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I really enjoy the show and find that She-Hulk’s exploration of getting used to her new abilities and powers are really well done – I kind of like that fact that is doesn’t come easy to her and she struggles. I like that it focuses on her trying to maintain her normal, everyday life while fitting in with her new superhero persona but I can see how this may not be what people were expecting (me included). It can be a little silly at times, but I’m also kinda down for that too, haha!

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