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10 Lessons I Wish I Learned When I was Younger

There has been many lessons I wished I learned

  1. Don’t care so much about what others think of you
  2. Most people are not thinking about all the negative things you have done and if they are they probably are someone who loves drama and just loves to see the negative side of life
  3. You are beautiful. You don’t need a romantic partner in life to feel beautiful.
  4. You must first love yourself before you can love someone else
  5. Don’t take unsolicited advice
  6. Be ware of older people who think they know more then you. Age does not equate to knowledge and wisdom.
  7. Think before you speak. Speak up for yourself but make sure you say the right words.
  8. Friends and people in your life will come and go
  9. Not everyone will like you and not everyone will understand you
  10. Be careful of people who are nice, sometimes they are just nice to your face but talking terrible about you behind your back. Had this happen to me too many times.

What is a life lesson you wish you learned sooner in life?

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Whatever life takes you, just enjoy your life. Think positive and be positive.

–Always look to the rising sky

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  1. Unsolicited advice is always a tricky one as I often wonder what the other person’s motivations are, and about 50/50 it’s not because they really acre about you; that’s something I wish I had learned earlier on in life. Your whole list contains some valuable advice we can all use, tbh!

  2. these are great reminders! there are so many things i wish i could tell my younger self. but i try to know that life always works out some way or another. we get to where we need to be when the time is right. 🙂

  3. Love these! ”Don’t care what others think of you” – yes! That can hold us back so much. Instead, we need to prioritize ourselves, what we want, and what we want our life to be like.

  4. Thanks for sharing! Especially the first two – they’re what I’d wish I could go back and tell myself. It’s hard to not wonder what other people are thinking!

  5. Each point made is so important. Love this post. Too many will give unsolicited advice and not everyone has your best in mind when talking to you. Life lessons like this are vital moments that impact our everyday life. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Pastor Natalie

  6. Something I wish I’d learned sooner is that I don’t owe anyone anything. I can make decisions for myself and that’s okay. I don’t need to get approval every time I want to do something for myself.

  7. That no job, money or personal status is enough to make you feel happy. Just folliw your heart and do what you love most. The rest will follow. Unfortunately, I was a people pleaser thinking that if others like what I am, do, have that would also please me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts 😊

  8. Thinking before you speak is one I definitely need to remember! I can have a big mouth sometimes and I need to learn to articulate myself properly, and not aggressively x

  9. My personal favorite is: “I am in control of ME.” & “I am not responsible for the emotions of others.”

    Love this short and sweet list you compiled. I just might make one myself in my journal today!!!

  10. I must say, you have a great list of lessons there. I also wish I knew all of these sooner. When I was younger, I really thought older people knew more. That is not always the case. Younger minds are pretty impressive and sometimes are even more mature than elders.

    I believe when we were younger, we would just make friends at school at stick with them for as long as we can. It is not until you grow up (perhaps at a college level) that you realize who your real friends are and who you want to stay friends with.

    There are a lot of things that we learn in life that will help us in the future and that we wish we knew long ago. Thank you for sharing this list of lessons. Hopefully, this post pass on to many people.

  11. Friends and people in your life will come and go – yes, sometimes I forget how true this is. Acceptance isn’t linear but I’m so glad there are people like you reminding us about this. Thank you for sharing x

  12. Love all of these reminders! Most of all, don’t care about others opinion of you and also would add that you ar the judge of what you do, so decide whats best for you, not others x

  13. Great lessons! Super valuable and insightful! These are definitely things I wish I knew when I was younger, but hey, it’s never too late.
    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Great lessons. I too have realized that in order to love someone else and find someone who matches you well, you must first learn to love yourself. And it’s really hard in today’s society to feel good about yourself if you don’t have a significant other. Love and support can come in many different forms of relationships and you don’t have to be considered complete with only a romantic love relationship.

  15. Thank you for these reminders. I wish I learnt to love myself first and not depend on a romantic partner to feel beautiful. Thank you for sharing

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