The TearSmith

So, I heard about this movie from TikTok, and yes, I know you have to be careful when listening to recommendations on TikTok, but I gotta say it was interesting. What I did like about this movie was the whole idea centered around this short story or poem. The children believe in the Tear Smith, who is someone that collects children’s tears and comes every time they cry.

The story focuses on the main girl, who is a nature lover, I guess you could say. She would always play outside in nature and stuff. After her parents passed away, she was sent to an orphanage where she met the main guy who likes her. They both get adopted in their teens by a family that had lost their child and wanted to adopt two children.

During this time, we learn that she jokes and believes that he is the Tear Smith. You could see how they had a secret romance, I guess you could say. It was really interesting to follow this movie and the story.

But yeah, overall, I did like it. My main issue with it is that there is barely any diversity. There was mainly just one character of a different background, and the movie felt really rushed. I feel like this would’ve been better as a series rather than a one-off movie, or if they were going to have multiple movies, it would’ve been better. It rushes way too fast, and I think the cast did the best they could with the short time they had. But I thought it was pretty good. So, those are my thoughts.

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