The parents We Wish We Had

The Lies parents tell themselves everyday sometimes surprises me…

No one is perfect, so I approach this conversation acknowledging that nobody is a perfect human being. We all fail, we all make mistakes, and there are times we may regret our actions. We even have seasons, months, and years where we regret things or even lied about various matters. So, I just want to ensure that’s understood before I say anything else: no one is perfect, and I don’t expect perfect human beings. I say this because, as someone who has always tried to see the bright side, given people the benefit of the doubt, and always seen the good side in them, while trying to forgive and move on for years, I’ve tried to see the side of parents, to see that they could be good people, that they could be great. However, most of my life, I was surrounded by parents, people who had children, and my gosh, they were all horrible people. I honestly don’t justify any of the actions they did. They had years to make things right, and yet they still chose to be terrible. Even now, when you talk to them, they act like nothing happened or they’ve totally forgotten about it. Honestly, even recently, I tried again to be kind and think good of parents, and again I was proven wrong, as usual. I think to myself, why do I keep trying to give parents the benefit of the doubt if they’re just going to keep disappointing me? I think people who are mothers and fathers sometimes turn out to be the most selfish, self-centered, and narcissistic. They only care about themselves and anything that makes them happy. I have tried so hard to see the other side and try to really think good of them, but honestly, the older I’m getting, the more they’re proving me wrong, that they are just horrible people. There’s nothing to justify being a parent, and there’s no reason to even justify it. I’m more proud of my choice of being child-free and promoting the child-free lifestyle. Honestly, if parents were who they said they were on these holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, how they think they make the world a better place, again, no one is perfect, but these people are absolutely horrible. They only care about themselves. Parenthood is a trap and a lie, and nothing can change my mind about this now. I can’t believe I even, for years, should’ve just been compassionate and kind, but honestly, now I only see it one way. I wish they had proven themselves better and more truthful, but they haven’t. It’s sad, but it’s the truth. Honestly, parents only want to see themselves. Certainly, I hear hundreds of stories online of parents justifying saying they don’t remember their kids, lying about different things, and it’s funny because when we talk to the parents, they remember their own parents doing that to them, but yet they do the same thing to their own children, keeping the same pattern over and over again and then expecting people to be better. I mean, the amount of times parents only care about themselves, mothers and fathers, they’re just horrible people, and the lies they tell themselves every day to make themselves feel better, anything just for themselves, constantly giving excuses and anything possible to make themselves look like the good guy. It’s crazy how self-centered they can be. I share this post because I want people to understand that parenthood is not the ideal thing. I don’t believe that it is anything positive or good. I’ve tried for years to see the good in it, but honestly, I see the truth now: it is nothing good, and a lot of parents are just selfish people.

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