This show had a lot about it that I actually did not like, so I want to make that very clear. Some old-fashioned things, like the way they made the two women pinned against each other, made certain sexual things that, to me, were unnecessary and did not add to the plot or anything they had from Cameran. And I was like, ‘OK, we get it, the male gaze.’ There were certain jokes over inappropriate things, and they were saying things I was just like, ‘This?’ But the main plot was pretty good; I have to be honest. So basically, the whole idea is that there’s this main guy; he is the son of a famous archaeologist, and most of his life he’s kind of just been a thief. You find out that his dad is having memory loss and getting older and not really remembering things, so his son, who is a thief and has been really stealing a lot with his uncle, pays for the medical care that his dad needs, and he’s trying to take care of himself. He was, like, money; he got a lot of bad history. His girlfriend is a thief who has a dark past, and you kind of see basically what happens. So from here, he basically finds out about this main treasure that his dad has been looking for for a long time, and his arch enemy nemesis, which is his dad’s old, I guess you can say, rival, who’s older, like each other, and they both are after the treasure. And you get to see how he reconnects with his old girlfriend with the help of this rich son, who basically wants to be known more as an heir, and he helps him steal just to kind of make his own money, which is kind of funny. This other girl who is a good swimmer but also just a little thief, but she has made talent to help them, and then obviously his uncle, and you got to see how they team up together to find this main kind of to get the money and depart way, and you get connections and fun things that happen. So overall, I would say I did like the story. I just had to wonder ahead of time about those things that I was like, I did fast-forward, and I was really like, very, or certain things I was like, this unnecessary didn’t answer the plot, but overall did like it, and I hope there’s a season two.

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