Damsel Review

Damsel was both good and bad, I guess. You see where it’s good as it’s a new take on fantasy. I like how, when a fantasy doesn’t feel typical like this or that, I do get their fundamental parts of the journey to be in the story, but I do like the new take on this princess. She is royalty, but unfortunately, her country, you know, goes to tear storms and made them unfortunately starving not much further kingdom. So, her father, with his last hope, arranges the marriage of the super wealthy country that they believe will help them through the bad winters that they’re having. So they’re like, “OK, sure, let’s do this.” I see the princess, she has a good heart, she stands up for people. So she gets shipped off. When she goes there, she doesn’t see anything, ready, no red flags. She’s like, “Oh, she likes the guy, she likes the kingdom, she is gonna miss Home, and she just wanna make sure her sister is OK, her kind stepmother is kind of like something goes off, I don’t know, like I don’t think you should go through this marriage.” The Dad is kind of acting weird and she does pick up on it but she’s princesses like, “No, I know those get to it.” Obviously, Duffy betrays her and her husband actually sacrifices her for this crazy thing that like a daughter, her daughter, and that basically and in the old times, when they originated, the original king went and killed the dragon’s daughters unprovoked by the dragon and so became an odd against the dragon basically like they have to give their daughters to the dragon sacrifice. I was like a daughter, daughter, so that’s pretty dramatic and so the way that this family keeps this is they put their blood on the girls, make it like, oh, they blood to the track of thinks that they are their blood and they’re non-had no idea. So once the main princess figures out all this stuff she basically is like, “I’m gonna get all those revenge, saves her and all the stuff, I don’t wanna give too much away cause I already have a lot but I got to say what I liked about it was the idea that she isn’t a damn it’s called so what she’s on she’s super strong cool I mean what I didn’t like it about it I feel a little bit better maybe the steaks a little bit higher and we could’ve had maybe one plot that would’ve been really cool so I think we had those factors in there it would’ve really helped you know make the story even like stronger and better but I did like it but wasn’t my favorite if that makes sense.

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