From Rusty to Smooth: Lessons on Renewal from Skateboard Bearings

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Honored to have a guest blog post from Ryan McKenzie is a professional disc jockey & master of ceremonies.

The Essence of Motion: Why Wheel Bearings Matter

Skateboarding isn’t just about the board or the skater—it’s the hidden components that make the ride smooth or a rough tumble waiting to happen. Among these, wheel bearings play a pivotal role. These tiny rings tucked inside the wheels might seem inconsequential at first glance, but they’re the heart of every kickflip and carve. When talking about rejuvenating a skateboard’s performance, focusing on these components offers a valuable lesson in renewal and maintenance.

A Tale of Transformation: My Encounter with Grit and Grace

My journey into the world of skateboarding and, more specifically, into the intricacies of maintaining it, began with an old, neglected skateboard. The wheels squeaked, a telltale sign of rust and wear within the bearings. This was a board crying out for attention, for a chance to glide smoothly once again. It was this project that taught me the significance of care and the transformative power of maintenance. For those keen on diving deeper into the world of skateboard bearings, it’s a realm filled with both technical challenges and the rewarding path to mastering them.

Understanding the Core: A Deep Dive into Bearings

At the core of any skateboard wheel lies the bearing, a device that facilitates smooth rotation. These are usually rated by a system known as the ABEC scale, which measures precision and efficiency. However, the ABEC rating isn’t the sole determinant of performance. Factors such as material quality, lubrication, and protection from elements like dirt and water play equally crucial roles. This realization was a game-changer for me, highlighting that a comprehensive approach is necessary for optimal performance.

The Revival Process: Cleaning and Lubrication

My first hands-on experience with reviving skateboard bearings involved disassembling the wheels and removing the bearings. The process was akin to surgery—precision and care were paramount. Cleaning them was not just about removing dirt; it was about restoring potential. I learned that regular maintenance, including proper cleaning and lubrication, could significantly extend the life of bearings, preventing rust and reducing wear.

Real-World Impact: A Testimonial to Renewal

After meticulously cleaning and lubricating the bearings of my old skateboard, the difference in performance was night and day. The board rolled smoother, faster, and with less effort. It was a clear testament to the impact of well-maintained bearings on skateboarding experience. This transformation wasn’t just about improving a piece of equipment; it was a lesson in the value of renewal, in not writing off something old or used, but seeing the potential for revival.

Beyond the Bearings: A Holistic View of Skateboard Maintenance

While my focus was initially on the bearings, this journey taught me the importance of a holistic approach to skateboard maintenance. From the grip tape to the trucks and wheels, every component plays a part in the overall performance. Regular check-ups and maintenance not only keep the skateboard in top condition but also ensure a safer ride. This holistic perspective fosters a deeper connection with the sport and the equipment, enhancing the overall experience.

Embracing the Culture: Community and Continuous Learning

The skateboarding community is a treasure trove of knowledge and experience. Engaging with fellow skateboarders opened my eyes to a wide range of maintenance techniques, from DIY solutions to professional recommendations. It’s a culture that thrives on sharing, learning, and continuous improvement. This sense of community and the shared pursuit of excellence in skateboarding has been a source of inspiration and motivation for me.

Final Thoughts: The Journey Continues

The path from rusty to smooth was not just about refurbishing a set of skateboard bearings; it was a journey of discovery, learning, and personal growth. It taught me the value of patience, precision, and the importance of regular maintenance. As I continue to explore the depths of skateboarding, the lessons learned from this experience remain a guiding light, reminding me of the continuous cycle of renewal and improvement. In skateboarding, as in life, there’s always room for growth and a smoother ride ahead.

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Ryan McKenzie is a professional disc jockey & master of ceremonies. He is a graduate of Scratch DJ academy and spent 4 years DJ’ing nightclubs on cruise ships in over 15 countries around the world.

Ryan McKenzie is a professional disc jockey & master of ceremonies.

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