Kung Fu Panda 4 Review

Someone who’s been an active Kung Fu Panda fan for years, I was super excited to hear about this new film. So, I have followed this series from the beginning. It’s been a series I’ve loved, and when I was younger, when the first one came out, I actually did basically a birthday party with Kung Fu Panda. So, I have active memories of this, and I love Kung Fu Panda. Getting to see the new one was exciting. So, basically, I got to see an evening showing, and during this time, I was able to watch it. What I loved about the movie was it kept the theme of always doing the right thing and making sure the right thing is done. And I think what I liked about it was the idea that the lesson of change in the new Kung Fu Panda movie. I know it’s a big spoiler, but the idea is that basically Po has matured. Not the same as the first movie; he’s learned so much. It’s time for him to pass, and now it’s the next person. And you see how he struggles with that because he doesn’t like change. He’s very insecure. We see that there is an evil chameleon that is basically stealing the powers of most of the previous Kung Fu masters. And you see how he befriends the character who they’re taking on a journey to find the chameleon. And through this time, he learns to accept change and he goes through challenges of things that help him to realize that it’s okay to move on. The lesson of change and acceptance was really cool. I honestly liked the way they showed that. I also liked how they showed when Po was trying to encourage misunderstanding his words and how he had to learn to properly speak and say the right thing. So, there were definitely a lot of good lessons, and that’s why I love the Kung Fu Panda series. It’s funny, has great animation, the lessons are strong, and it just looks good, you know, movie series.

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