Percy Jackson and the Olympians Disney+

“Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief” proved to be a noteworthy addition to Disney+, a platform I have subscribed to since its inception. Among my favorite Disney+ shows are the Star Wars series, including “The Mandalorian” and “The Bad Batch.” The “Benedict Society” also stood out as an underrated gem. While I found the Percy Jackson movies to be less than stellar, the announcement of a new series piqued my interest.

Having matured, I delved into the audiobooks to ensure I was well-versed in the narrative before the show’s release. Percy Jackson enjoyed immense popularity during my middle and high school years, creating a nostalgic yet somewhat surreal experience witnessing its resurgence on social media platforms.

Despite initial concerns about casting choices, the show exceeded my expectations. The young actors delivered exceptional performances, showcasing impressive talent. The sets were visually appealing, and the narrative maintained a heightened sense of tension with occasional intense scenes, a departure from typical children’s programming.

While acknowledging the slow pacing, I appreciated the deliberate approach, offering a refreshing change from the prevalent fast-paced content. I hope the series continues to uphold high stakes and remains faithful to the source material, further exploring and adapting elements from the books. Overall, I found the show enjoyable and look forward to its continued development.

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