How to Date Billy Walsh

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I found it interesting that there was so much dislike for this movie. I think this movie just was what it was—a silly, cute film meant to be lighthearted. It was a cleaner one and just a movie about romance. I understand that some people don’t like super cheesy things, and I get that, but for me, I was fine with the movie.

What I liked about the whole concept is that it’s a friends-to-lovers story. The main guy in the story has known his female friend forever and has always been in love with her but never had the guts to tell her. All of a sudden, a new hot exchange student arrives, and he finally gets the courage to show her that he likes her. There’s this back-and-forth between the two guys and the girl. By the end of the story, you realize that if everyone had just been honest with each other instead of pretending to be someone else, misleading, lying, or playing games to be in a relationship, none of the drama would have happened.

I liked the lesson of just being honest with each other—there’s no point in faking who you are to get someone to like you, or lying, or being deceptive. Overall, I thought it was just a cute movie.

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