Florida SuperCon 2023 Press Passes

“I haven’t been to Miami Beach in years, so it was nice to have an excuse to go back personally. I have very good memories of my past vacations there. After attending Megacon Orlando 2023, a fellow blogger told me about Florida SuperCon, a comicon convention located in Florida, where I’m also located. I applied for press passes with my blog headphonesthoughts.com and received an email a few weeks later, informing me that I was gifted a three-day pass to Florida Supercon in exchange for promoting the convention on my blog.

This was my first time attending Florida Supercon, located in Miami Beach. Since I live closer to the Orlando area, it took me about a 3 1/2 hour drive to get there. The weather was interesting and stormy, which made the journey more adventurous. Despite the Friday traffic, I managed to check into a nice hotel close to the convention center. The proximity to the beach, restaurants, and shopping places made it convenient for me.

As a first-time attendee, I followed the directions provided outside and inside the convention center. The staff at the press table on Friday were helpful Miami locals, answering my questions and guiding me through the convention. Once inside, I was immediately impressed by the DoorDash setup. They had a mini restaurant-like setup, and I even received a DoorDash hat, which I wore throughout the convention.

I took a look at the map and discovered a scavenger hunt where attendees could visit different booths on the show floor, scan their badges, and potentially win something. Although the details about the prizes and notification process were unclear, it was a fun way to explore the convention. I interacted with various booths and artists, some easier to find than others. The prices at Supercon were reasonable compared to other conventions I’ve been to. I managed to find a Spider Gwen Funko Pop for a great price, something I had been searching for.

One highlight of the convention was witnessing a professional LARPing event. It was something I had only seen online before, and it was exciting to experience it firsthand with safety measures in place. The convention had an enjoyable atmosphere, and I appreciated the effort put into organizing panels. I attended panels on marketing and indie publishing, which provided valuable insights.

Throughout my time at Supercon, I also indulged in delicious meals. I visited a restaurant called A Certain and enjoyed their Mediterranean cuisine. I couldn’t resist getting ice cream at Mamma Mia, considering I was in Miami Beach. On the last day, I made some final purchases, including cute box-shaped necklaces, and attended a drawing session featuring an artist who has worked for Marvel and DC.

Overall, despite Supercon being a smaller convention, I had a great time. I hope they continue to grow and offer more in the future. As a member of the press, I appreciated the perks but felt that some additional privileges, such as early entry or reserved seating, would be beneficial. Nonetheless, I had a memorable and enjoyable summer vacation in Miami Beach. Looking forward to my next convention and review.”

Have you ever been to Florida SuperCon?

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