Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery…Who Did it?

I recently saw the Netflix movie Knives Out 2 Glass Onion. Now, I must say I enjoyed getting to watch this movie in theaters. It was funny, mysterious, and a very good lesson. Everyone in the cast acted amazingly. Without giving too much away, I must say, I enjoyed the second movie more than the first. Yes, the first movie was good, but the second was for me. If you have not seen the first movie, you do not need to see it to see the second. The only connection to the story is the detective; other than that, it is a completely different story with a different cast. Personally, I hope they keep making movies in these series. I have been enjoying all of the mystery movies that have been coming out. There is a quote in the movie that really stands out to me. You’ll know it when you hear it. I feel like the lesson in this movie was just as good as the second. It also shows that anyone could be a murderer. I personally enjoyed the film and hopefully Netflix makes another one.

Do you like Murder/Mystery dramas?

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