House of Gucci Was Not Chic

Father, Son, House of Gucci

With so many fashion movies and tv shows created around the fashion industry, here comes the new Ridley Scott movie House of Gucci. Based on the popular fashion brand Gucci, well at least the infamous family Gucci. Now, I like fashion movies and tv shows. I don’t take them seriously and usually, I laugh at the comedy of fashion. From the trailer, I could tell this movie was going to be a little bit more serious. Now, I did not know the real story of what happened with the Gucci family. The true story is pretty sad. It’s a tragic end for the Gucci family and how no family members are on the board or run the Gucci brand. It’s sad how greed money and fame can blind people. Overall, I felt like the main core story was told interestingly. I did not like how they portrayed the villain. I don’t want to give too much away from the story. But they made you feel sad for her and like she was the victim. Honestly watching the movie I did not feel bad for Patricia at all. The movie felt so long with a bunch of unnecessary scenes. I felt like this movie was made to show Patricia a certain way, and not tell the full truth. The accents were terrible. Also, Adam Driver looked like he mentally check out of the film halfway through. When I watched the movie in theatres there literally were people who got up and just left. Also, a few people kept getting up and just getting more food or drinks. It was the type of movie that you could walk away for a few minutes come back and see that there was barely any progress in the story. Honestly, this movie was way too hyped up and did not live up to expectations. I felt like I enjoyed reading an article about what happened more than watching the movie. Also, I had just seen Ridley Scotts the Last Duel which was a way better movie than Gucci. Honestly, I would recommend watching a documentary on what happened over watching this movie.

What did you think of House of Gucci?

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  1. This was what I suspected it would be like just from the trailers and longer clips I’ve watched. I remember a little bit about all this happening at the time (I was a teenager) so I was curious to see it explored in film but maybe this isn’t the one to watch for that. Thank you for your review!

  2. Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts about this movie. I agree “The Last Dual” was a better movie. It’s sad what actually happens to the Gucci family. I really appreciate this post. 🤗

    Pastor Natalie (ExamineThisMoment)

  3. Thank you for your honest opinion on this movie and honestly I saw all the hype but it didn’t interest me to to and see it. I rather see a documentary about this and I did see on youtube. Very interesting and at the same time very sad for the family sometimes I wonder there must have been more that was untold.

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