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Watch Your Grammar!

I have been guilty of this, where I have typed, texted, wrote, emailed, you name it too fast and wrote really bad grammar. This past year, I was in a group chat and I was writing so fast on my phone that I did not realize until afterwards that I was misspelling, had improper English, and my sentences were not complete. I am still embarrassed about it. As a blogger, I try to have good grammar and make sure that I don’t have many typos. When I first started creating my quote or thoughts of the week, I had many typos. It was so embarrassing. I had people tell me, “Hey, you have a word misspelled.” Being told your grammar is off is not something you want to hear. I have a bachelors degree in English – Technical communication and yet, here I am misspelling, not always having the right punctuation, etc. I learned that it’s okay to slow down, check your sentences and words before publishing. I have used the website Grammarly before and yes it does help. But slowing down and just making sure everything is correct, really does save you from embarrassment. I have learned this the hard way and I remember one time when I was posting one of my quotes or thoughts of the week, I made major grammar errors. I kept making the same errors because I was rushing and not really making the changes that were needed. Over 3 thousand people saw my error on Pinterest. I was so embarrassed. Just thinking about it makes me feel like, ‘Oh No!’ I have learned to double check myself when I am posting. Am I perfect? No. I will probably still make mistakes but I have learned that it’s okay to take your time and just make sure all of my content is edited and looks good.

Have you ever had this happen to you? What is your thoughts on Grammar?

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  1. I find that no matter how many times I proof read a blog post, social media post etc, I still find errors days later!! Although I don’t like it, we are human and make mistakes. I go back and edit as quickly as I find the error! Just yesterday I found an error on a photo I posted and I put the wrong city on it! Ugh, but no biggie, I fixed it!

  2. lol I feel ya! I usually proofread text messages, and have since I was a teenager. But, I feel like a weirdo every time I do it. It’s just not part of the culture, as it slows down reply speed! Blogging is a different story, but I still make mistakes sometimes.

  3. Grammar is so important to me, however when chatting to friends on Whatsapp I often rush and don’t focus on precision. Definitely published work and blogs should include proper grammar.

  4. This is very true, I also feel like my fingers are too big that I tend to jumble words. I dont like to use auto correct because it makes my wordings more difficult especially we use British english and internet and writing American english so my z and s are all over the place. I also have grammarly and it helps. I like slowing down as well to really think and read whatever Im writing.

  5. definitely guilty of this too! an amazing tip that I really need to take into account, thank you so much for sharing!

  6. I’m glad that you pointed this out. All writers have issues with grammar. These days I have gone back to basics to improve my writing skills. There isn’t anything wrong with one or two typos, but an entire article with bad grammar is really a turnoff. As a blogger, I spend a lot of time going over my posts. I also use Grammarly to assist with my writing, but it doesn’t always catch all the errors. To be honest, it does its part and I’m happy about that. Grammar is an essential part of writing. It can either make or break your readership. Thank you for this post.

  7. My computer died and I had to get a new one. For some reason, I didn’t log in to Grammarly in my new one for a few weeks. I wrote a bunch of blog posts and didn’t realize the sheer number of type-o’s I had. I was so embarrassed! No one even told me.🙈 So now I have my Grammarly running at all times. lol

    When I’m on my phone I swear I have sausage fingers and I always make mistakes, I can’t help that one. It is what it is. 😁

  8. I honestly don’t worry too much about grammar. I’ve been teaching community college students how to write for over a decade and usually grammar is the least important thing to fix. It is embarrassing when I make a silly mistake, but I hardly notice when someone else does.

  9. I would say I have very good grammar overall but mistakes still happen, especially if I’m tired. I think misspelling something or the odd typo or two are normal and we all make them but I definitely get annoyed at myself when I do them. I think this is a good reminder to slow down — I need to take my own advice too, haha!

  10. My grammar has never been the best. There are certain mistakes I always make. But since blogging I’ve made a real effort to work on my grammar. It looks really unprofessional when there are spelling mistakes or grammar issues. I think it looks like a lack of time and care spent editing and attention for what you’re writing

  11. Like you, I’m also quite clumsy and did a lot of typos and grammar mistakes. I also used to type with speed and it made my writing really bad. So I make a habit to check my writings before I click send. Same with blogging. I’m now using grammar app to write.

  12. I think most people are pretty tolerant of typos and the like nowadays, unless you’ve found something arguing with someone online who has no comeback but to pick apart your writing of course.

    I’m dyslexic so mistakes are extremely common with my writing, and when typing on my phone, the keys are too small for my thumbs, so it’s easy to tap the wrong one. So don’t worry about, in messages just add a correction if it’s needed, and if it’s your blog, just have a grammar and spell checker extension for your browser

  13. English is not my first language so I am quite insecure of my sentences, spelling and grammar. I try to triple check everything but I know I still make mistakes. I do my best to become better every day. It was good to know that everybody makes mistakes 🙂

  14. Since I’m not a native English speaker, this is definitely a thing that sometimes I struggle with. Grammarly is a huge help when it comes to blogging, and double-checking before I hit publish is also a necessity. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Hello! This is a great post, I am guilty for having mistakes but I try use other tools within my writing to ensure I don’t make mistakes. Thanks for sharing a great post. Alicia

  16. It’s a relief to know that I’m not the only one who’s guilty. If you’re a native speaker, and you have these mistakes, just imagine my struggle as a non English speaker.
    Tools like Grammarly really comes in handy especially if you blog.

  17. I actually appreciate it when someone corrects my grammar and I make sure I take notes or remember the correction for future use. Grammarly really helps me, especially with blogging so I highly recommend it!

  18. I love grammar, now. Didn’t use to be the same back when I was in school haha. One thing for sure is that I try my best to stay focused when I type, but I guess a little mistake can happen. I try to re-read before publishing or sending a message, but sometimes it’s just bound to happen.

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