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My love for Coffee ☕️

Bitter, that was my first thought when I drank coffee. I remember just pouring by myself a cup of coffee without reheating and with no milk, creamer, or sugar. Personally, drinking it was not for me. I had no idea what coffee tasted like and everyone around me loved it. Growing up most adults around always had a cup of coffee at least once a day. Now that I was a teenager I wanted to try it out for myself. The next time I was going to taste coffee was from a local Starbucks. This time it tasted amazing. My favorite coffee is French vanilla. The fond memory of sitting watching the barista pouring the milking adding sugar and creamer was amazing to me. I remember thinking so that’s how you make coffee. That’s how you make it. When I got back home I tried to make myself a cup of coffee. It took a few days and a few tries and eventually I got it right. No, I don’t drink coffee first thing in the morning. I usually have it around lunchtime. About once a day. Having coffee ☕️ is something I enjoy having. A few years back I went to a coffee presentation from the Joffrey coffee. This man knew everything about how coffee is made. I was honored to get to try coffee that he made right there and then. Since trying his coffee I am now a fan of Joffrey’s coffee. I would recommend it. So what do you prefer…Coffee or Tea?

Coffee or Tea?

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  1. I absolutely love coffee and I too drink it usually in the afternoon (and only have one). I like mine strong but milky (which seems to confuse people, haha) and it’s a nice little treat to have. I love a good cappuccino or flat white but can never seem to be able to make them well at home.

  2. Coffee!! Haha starting with black coffee probably wasn’t the best way to go, I think you have learned that! I started out with white coffee with 4 sugars, I now drink black coffee, but I do like a cappuccino when I go up a coffee shop x

  3. I am a true fan of coffee too ☕️ I try not drink it too much but when I do it is a real treat. I have to admit I really enjoy tea too though. 🤗 This was a fun read.

    Pastor Natalie

  4. As a child/teenager I had similar thoughts, why does everyone like coffee? I didn’t drink coffee until I was in my 20s and that was always the very sugary instant vanilla cafe in the tin or equally as sugary instant vanilla coffee from a machine in a convenient store. I did eventually start drinking regular coffee with heavy flavored creamers through my 30s. Then I had to cut the calories so I switched to regular coffee with half and half. Just one cup a day. I could never get into Starbucks.

  5. Definitely coffee, but I also enjoy tea. I’ve been drinking coffee every day since I was in my early teenage years. Living in Italy for a few years was a dream come true for a coffee drinker like me., who prefers coffee without sugar or milk. I’m glad you like coffee 😉

  6. I love coffee too but for starters, never brew black coffee, you might just never drink it again. Always have milk and sugar then cut down till you can enjoy the taste of black coffee. I love tea too.

    Thanks for sharing

  7. I love dark coffee dispite how bitter it is. However, I discovered that it makes me nervous so I now drin only decaffeinated coffee. I do enjoy tea also. I loved reading about your first experiences with coffee ☕

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