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The Writer’s Job Newsletter Review

Thank You Della from the blog Della Loves Nutella for letting know about the Writer’s Job Newsletter. Please follow and check out her blog.

My Review

I recently became aware of the Writer’s Job Newsletter by a fellow blogger. One of elements in the newsletter that stood out to me was the organization of the jobs listed. The writing jobs are organized in sections; for example, Fully Remote Writing Jobs, Social Media Calls to Pitch / Freelance Writing Opps, Other Interesting Opportunities. By keeping the jobs highlighted in sections, it helps me the reader get to see which job opportunities I am most interested in and which ones I may want to skip over. As a blogger, writer, and freelance worker this type of newsletter is great. It helps you to get quick access to the latest jobs right in your email. I can apply for as many or little as I want. I personally like the format of the newsletter. All the way on the bottom of the newsletter you can find a featured writer. I personally like this section, as it’s great getting to learn and connect with new bloggers. I did enjoy getting to review and receive the Writer’s Job Newsletter.

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  1. This sounds super useful — I’ve just signed up for it so will be checking it out! I really like the sound of how it’s organized into job type categories. I think that takes a lot of the stress out of finding something. Thanks for sharing!

  2. How many new jobs are added to each newsletter? How frequent is the newsletter? And what kind of pay do they offer for the jobs? By any chance so you have an example of a job that might be included?

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