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Are You Overwashing Your Face? 6+ Mistakes You Are Making

Overwashing your face could be only half the issue when it comes to looking after your skin. It can be so difficult to stick to a routine, and even harder to not fall into bad habits. Looking after your skin at the start makes it so much easier when it comes to getting older and dealing with age-related skin issues. Here are the lesser-known mistakes and skin sins you are making, and why it is so important to change your habits.

Washing Your Face with Hot Water

If you have been overwashing your face with hot water, the damage could be unknown. Hot water can do more damage to your pores than you think. We have always been told to not shower for too long, otherwise, it will dry your hair out. Well, the situation is the same for your skin. Too much warm steam can damage the outer layer of your skin. It can also worsen conditions such as dermatitis or eczema. Protect your skin by turning the tap down, just a little.

Rubbing Towels on Your Face

Whatever you do, when drying your face never use a striking motion. This can strip the natural oils and moisture your face has, as well as irritating the outer layer. When drying your face, always use a patting motion, and avoid using hand or body towels – face cloths only, please! Even better than this – leave your skin to dry naturally. This way you are ensuring that nothing good is stripped off your face.

Not Knowing When Your Face Needs Washing

Our face is something we know better than anyone else – so listen out for the signs as to when to wash.


Overnight skin care products can leave a residual film or create dead skin that you do not want on your face during the day. Clean your skin, ready to apply day moisturizers.


We deal with so many particulates throughout the day. Grease, dirt, pollution – everything worsens the skin over a long period of time. Get into the habit of washing your face before bed to ensure you are not just applying skincare products to dirty skin.

When Do I Wash for The 3rd Time?

Sometimes our skin needs another wash – that is perfectly normal. Think about whether you have cooked something particularly greasy, or you have decided to go to the gym. Sweaty skin can leave lots of germs on the skin – causing breakouts and unnecessary oil.

Washing Your Face with your hands

I used to do this all the time. Seemed like nothing was wrong when relying on what we have. However, think about the number of things you touch every day. Even just the number of times we go to the toilet. Just not washing properly on one occasion could lead to an immediately dirty face. Wherever you can avoid touching your face! When washing your face, use something that can clean your pores rather than just the surface. I use the Magnitone Barefaced 2 a few times a week and a cloth for the remainder of times – but find what works for you. Overusing a cleansing brush too often will excessively dry your skin out too much, so find a happy medium.

Not Using the Right Products

We all have different skin, so the products that work for some, will not work for everyone. You need to find exactly what works for your skin and will not cause any problems. For example – if you have sensitive skin, it is probably not a good idea to try chemical peels. Overwashing your face (or feeling like you must) might be a sign that you are using the wrong products.

Types of Skin:


  • Good size pores
  • No excessive Redness
  • Smooth skin, little texture

Dry Skin:

  • Flakiness in places
  • Itchiness
  • Cracking Skin
  • Roughness

Oily Skin:

  • Larger Pores
  • Glossy Skin
  • Acne Prone

Even with oily skin, never think that you do not have to moisturize. You can find products that help with excess oils (for example, Salicylic acid) – but not drying your skin out too much.

Combination Skin:

  • An Oily T-zone
  • Enlarged pores in some areas
  • Dryer cheeks

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  1. I’ve been always forgetful to wash my face before snuggling the duvet. And to wake up with pimples on my forehead is basically my regular nightmare 😅. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. I love everything Sophia writes, and this was no different. I wash my face day and night, and I avoid in between unless I have been exercising and sweating.

  3. I wash my face twice a day, but only with water in the morning. I have dry skin, so double cleansing can really suck out all the moisture in my skin. Great post!

  4. These are some great tips. It’s amazing how your skin can react to different products. The stuff my husband uses to wash his face completely stripped mine, and it was awful. I use an oil cleanser now, and it’s made a big difference. Sunscreen is also very important.

  5. I have yet to find a product that works on my face, especially one that works with unclogging my pores. I should probably changing to patting my face dry, maybe that’ll help a little

  6. I am guilty of making some of these mistakes! Thanks so much for clarifying the proper way to wash your face!

  7. I tend to use water in the morning and a foaming cleanser in the evening – following the Nordic approach that less is more – but I ALWAYS wash my hands first!

  8. Great post, very informative!!!! I did not know that washing my face with hot water could be harmful. During winter I’m still used to do that in the morning …. I’ll stop right away. Thank you!

  9. awesome post! I didn’t know that there was a wrong way to washing your face! for example, I didn’t know that washing with hot water for too long or rubbing instead of patting with a towel can do damage.

  10. This was such a great read and love all of the tips! I didn’t know that washing with your hand, you actually never think about it before doing it! Thanks for sharing x

  11. So happy that I don’t do these mistakes lol I wash my face 2x/day. I wash my hand properly before washing my face. This is a very helpful post. Thank you x

  12. Wow. This is a super informative post. I will admit that rubbing a cloth on my face sometimes feels so good and invigorating. I need to stop that bad habit.

  13. These are great tips! I used to be so much better about washing twice a day, but now I only wash my face in the morning. I definitely need to get on a better routine. Thank you for sharing.

  14. I think a big issue with skincare is that no rules fit all as we all have different needs. I can only splash my face with water on a moring as it’s too sensitive for cleanser, and it’s too sensitive for things like facial brushes too. You have to find the balance that works for you and still gives your skin what it needs. Always wash your hands before washing your face though!! x


  15. This is such a helpful post! I wash my face in the morning & evening & I use warm water.
    I do use my hands to wash my face, but I always wash my hands first to make sure they’re clean.

  16. This is such an eye-opener, I wash my face twice a day and I use warm water which I’ve found has helped my skin a lot (plus skincare). Thank you so much for sharing Xo

    Elle –

  17. Great tips! I have such sensitive skin that it’s hard to find the right products. Luckily, I don’t break out very often. But when I do, I’ll keep what you’ve shared in mind. Thank you!

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