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Guest Blog Post from Television Review on Queen Sugar

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Queen Sugar is a Television Show on Oprah Winfrey Network, OWN. The program was created by: Ava DuVernay.  The show setting is a little fictional town called St. Josephine Parish in Louisiana. The main family of the television show is The Bordelon family. Three grown children lost their father Ernest Bordelon in the very beginning of the series. His sister Vi helps his three children deal with the loss of their father.

     The episode that aired on March 2, 2021 dealt with the pandemic and the realities that some of the world are dealing with right now. In this episode the town stands together to help each other during the beginning of the pandemic.  People are dying, losing jobs, homes and more. Depression sits in for some of the people also.  The elder friend of the Bordelon family, Prosper Denton played by Henry G. Sanders  sits at home and watches the news all day about the Covid-19 virus and shuts himself off to the friends and family that care about him. Nova Bordelon, played By Rutina Wesley brings Prosper a care package and he barely takes his eyes off the television when she comes in the house.   He immediately puts his mask on while he is in his bedroom and she walks into his kitchen with the care package. Nova tries to tell him that she can help put the items away but Prosper immediately shuts her down and tells her to put it on the kitchen table and he will do it later.

     Darla, played by Bianca Lawson is the girlfriend/ fiancé of Ralph Angel and the mother to their son Blue Bordelon, played by Ethan Hutchinson. Darla gets laid off from her job because there was a Covid-19 Virus outbreak in her workplace.   Aunt Vi also known as Violet Bordelon played by Tina Lifford, she is the Aunt to Nova, Charlie and Ralph Angel Bordelon. Aunt Vi must close down her restaurant temporarily due to the stay-at-home order. Ralph Angel, played by Kofi Siriboe  is a farmer he works for himself and is taking a major hit with the virus spreading around. He has a family to support and he has to tell all his helpers on the farm that they cannot work at this time.  Ralph Angel makes the sad realization that he can’t bring in harvest this year, he sells one of his tractors and gets a job as a custodian to try and bring in more money. Darla decides that she will look for another job also.

     Nova prays for Prosper due to the fact that they were supposed to be quarantined for two weeks and it is currently six weeks of him being in his home alone. She later calls him on the phone. When he answers the phone, he apologizes for his behavior earlier. She asks him if she could talk to him about a story that she is working on, he immediately agrees and wants to help out any way that he can.  While watching this scene, you could tell she was trying to include him in something and helping to take his mind off all the sadness he had been watching in the news and the loneliness of being in the house alone. The way she did this, I could feel that she really did care about him and wanted to make sure he was ok without upsetting him and continued to ask him the same questions.

     The characters did a great job in showing how some of us are feeling during this time. It showed the kindness of checking in on your elders who can’t get out; making sure their mental health and wellbeing overall is ok. You can see up-front the struggles of losing jobs and trying to find other employment to take care for your family. This episode dealt with the stress on the children and online schooling. Children have different issues at home, not the best internet, one computer etc. I liked how they brought up the fact that the schools should provide the students with equipment to do their online work.  Aunt Vi stayed making care packages from her restaurant and then her niece Nova and helpers delivered them all onto the doorsteps of all the people in town. This episode showed us how a town can come together and look after their own.

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  1. It’s so nice to hear that some tv shows are addressing the pandemic-I don’t watch a ton of live tv these days, but the few shows I do watch have basically acted like the pandemic doesn’t exist. Thanks for the review!

  2. This sounds like such a great show. We are all suffering in some way with this pandemic and it sounds like it shows just a few of the variations of this. I love that it really puts a personality to the numbers announced on the news that have lost jobs so that it is more than just a number.

  3. I don’t have cable and haven’t heard of this show but it sounds very interesting. When the reality of living during a pandemic finally set in for me, I wondered how TV would respond for this new setting. I’m glad that the show highlights the importance of mental health and being there for your neighbor.

  4. I really appreciated the show’s highlights that were written. It was a great read. Thank you for sharing. 😊

  5. It sounds like the episode ends with care packages being made. That people recognize “hey, we’re all going through something, gotta get through it together” at the end. I wanna hear more about that? I feel like when I’m going through a tough time, being aware other people are suffering too is hard to process.

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