ethnic man sitting with dog on bench

Four Thoughts To Have Everyday

Our own minds can be a playground for good memories, bad memories, positive thoughts, negative thoughts, or just a blank statement. To encourage my followers and readers, I want you to know that having a positive mindset can change and turn around your day.

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lightning strikes

Why so Rude?

I guess life just doesn’t always go as planned? There have been many times that I tried to show kindness, smiled, opened the door, patience, etc. And let me tell you the other person was so rude and mean, I was sometimes left so shocked at home someone could just be so miserable. From speaking terms, I believe that many people just show, act, speak, think from their heart. If they are just angry people, they will just show it.

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You are More Than Enough!

Yes! You are beautiful, handsome, excellent! I can yell it from the mountain tops!

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