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This musical definitely surprised me. So, definitely my last interaction with Riverdale was Riverdale on the CW, and yeah, we all know that show was just not great at all, not recommended. So, this musical family drama takes place in the country of India, and I have to say, I really liked this take on Riverdale in an alternate universe. I love the musical element, the characters, and the storyline. So, the whole idea is basically the whole gang together is trying to save a main valley park that the government there wants to turn into a hotel. And we get to see Archie, Betty, Jughead, Veronica, and everyone else come together to try and save the town from turning into just commercial and all about money-making. And what makes Riverdale so lovable, we get to have a few musical numbers, amazing, sad costumes, and honestly, a cute romantic line between Archie and Betty. And just getting to see more character development, this could even have a part two because of how well it was made. It overall was moving. I definitely recommend it if you want a short storyline with a simple plot but with good music and great acting.

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