Upgraded Amazon Prime Movie Review

It’s the romantic season, and I decided to explore this Amazon Prime movie. While it follows the typical rags-to-riches romance storyline with some clichés, I did appreciate certain aspects. The standout element for me was the impeccable fashion of the main character.

The plot revolves around her ambition to open an art gallery, and a grammar error she catches propels her to become the third assistant to the top art director. Their journey takes them to London for an auction, and a chance encounter on a plane sparks a cute romance. However, complications arise when she fabricates details about her life to his family, leading to a web of lies involving her work at the art gallery and the breach of a contract.

Without revealing the full ending, the film takes an unexpected twist that I found intriguing. Despite its R-rating for certain content, the movie delivers a cute romcom with a meaningful message and lesson. If you’re in the mood for a romantic comedy, it’s worth a watch.

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