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Google & Your Visitors Love Sites Like This!

What is the difference between your website and others? What makes Google and visitors keep coming to your website? What makes you stand out amongst the rest of world wide web? Who doesn’t love getting visitors without having to pay hundreds of dollars on advertisements? One way is with search engine optimization (SEO). Google loves sites with websites with search engine optimization.

What is the secret to getting Google and your site visitors to love your site?

Having a custom unique HTML – 5 Code. 

You may be asking what is a HTML – 5 code?

Why do you need a unique HTML-5 Code is better than a quick fix widget site?

First, if you are using WordPress.com you may suffer from similar websites designs to others. Google scans websites regularly and if they see something similar to another blog you could be flagged. In addition, this may be one of the reasons your website is not ranking well on Google. 

By having a unique HTML -5 code your website will stand out. First, you get to custom make your website. 

-Custom look

Most WordPress websites are made with premade templates these templates can be used by anyone who is using WordPress. This means your website might look the same as others. This is a big no-no with Google.

-Is not compared to others

Who wants visitors coming to their website and thinking they are on another website due to them looking so similar.

-Having all the right legal requirements

Each website must have proper coding that makes its website available to the disabled community (accessible for the Blind and Visually Impaired). If your website does not have this proper coding you could be at risk of getting sued. 

A disadvantage of using plugins on WordPress

-Plugins could make your website slow down

What happens when you install more plugins than you actually need could harm your website by causing the load time to slow down and make people not likely to visit your website again. 

-Lower Your Websites ranking

If Google sees that your website’s coding looks out of date this could lower your website’s ranking. This means your website will not be on the 1st page of google.

-Standout compared to over 50% of other websites that use WordPress

Currently, the mast majority use WordPress to run their websites. You want your website to stand out against others, by having a custom design for your website. 

-Can shut down your website or cause your website to crash

What happens when you’re out and about and one day your website just crashes? This has happened to a few people who used a plugin. The plugin can just simply be updated and it can cause your website to crash.

-You don’t own your website

In places like WordPress, Weebly, Wix.com you are not the owner of the website, you are using their platform and their templates to create your website. You don’t want to do this. 

Templates need to keep being updated 

WordPress and other websites constantly need to be updated. If you have a web template you are using this template might need to be updated quite often and this may cause your website to slow down and use more storage.

Advantages of using custom unique HTML – 5 Code

-Don’t have to update the website often

-Rank higher in Google

-Less likely to crash

And much more!

Are you scared that your website will look too different from everyone else’s websites? 

By having the custom unique HTML – 5 Code you get to create a better user experience. For example, you can create personal pop-ups that help visitors get to know your brand better. You can also create personalized sections for purchasing and buying items. Having a website that has an easy-to-use brand creative and clear message will help you keep having returning visitors. 

Now your visitors could be visiting your website from their phones, laptops, tablets, etc. and the website will automatically adjust to the screen size and format. 

Your website will be dynamic with a custom unique HTML – 5 Code!

What is dynamic?

Dynamic means your website has multiple purpose. When visitors come, they will get a great user experience but also they will get to see all you have to your brand from gaming, shopping, etc.

The variety that comes from having a custom unique HTML – 5 Code is better with having dynamic properties. It gives you layers to have anything from music, gaming, or shopping. 

You get to broaden the horizon and the power of the web is unlocked through a unique HTML – 5 Code to access all the benefits and of the web

Almost all website use a custom unique HTML – 5 Code .Everything from mobile apps to Social media is created with a custom unique HTML – 5 Code.

Most students and people who are interested in web developing learn a custom unique HTML – 5 Code. It truly is the foundation to the world wide web and the possibilities are endless.. 

The security is better. Who doesn’t want to make sure their website is protected against cyper attacks? This all included and more with an custom made website.

WordPress is more for bloggers. It not that WordPress is bad. Yes, there are good things about WordPress but with all the benefits of a custom unique HTML – 5 Code, it is hard to compare and even put them in the same category. 

It really is true your visitors and Google will love your website if you use a custom unique HTML – 5 Code. Make sure you have your unique code today.

Google can be picky sometimes when it comes to which websites it likes and doesn’t like, but with a custom unique HTML – 5 Code you are ahead of the game. Make sure when you start creating your website pick a custom unique HTML – 5 Code.

With HTML -5 code you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to get visitors. You don’t have to worry about being compared to other websites, ranking lower, security issues, not being ADA approved and more. Create your website today with HTML – 5 code. You’ll be so glad you did.

Which do you prefer HTML – 5 code or WordPress?

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  1. I learn something new every time I visit your blog site. Had no idea that having unique HTML-5 code had so many more benefits compared to WordPress. I used WordPress for my blog. It has been working well so far. There are a few negatives. One of which is the yearly cost for the website and storage cost. Thanks for sharing.

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