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“Don’t be trapped in someone else’s dream”

This is my favorite quote because of its meaning. While growing up, I always thought I had dreams, but then I realized it was actually my parents’ dreams. So, after that, the quote had a more special meaning for me.

What is your favorite quote? and Why is this your favorite quote?
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Whatever life takes you, just enjoy your life. Think positive and be positive.

–Always look to the rising sky

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  1. I love this quote! My new favorite is “she remembered who she was and that changed the game.”

  2. That’s a great quote made better by you sharing your lived experience of the quote. I don’t think I’ve ever really had a dream. I don’t think I have any quotes that I’ve remembered because they meant something to me either, but then I have a terrible memory

  3. Great quote! This is our life story being written & we need to determine the dreams we want to pursue. 😊

  4. It’s impossible to be happy if our life is based on someone’s dreams. I hope each one is aware to find what that dream is and start living it.

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